6 Absurd Ideas For Building Your First Web App

Need a few ideas for building a simple web app? These 6 examples will help you practice all the key skills and have fun doing it! Okay, you have already learned front-end web development, and now you are looking to flex your developer muscles on the next big challenge: full-stack web apps. You probably have many…… Continue reading 6 Absurd Ideas For Building Your First Web App

8 Crazy Ideas For Building a Web Site

Need some ideas for practicing HTML, CSS and JavaScript? Here are a few that you probably would not think of yourself. Many beginner web developers already know that they need to practice, practice, practice the new skills that they are learning. Building real projects will bring challenges that you will not find in textbooks or…… Continue reading 8 Crazy Ideas For Building a Web Site

JavaScript Callbacks Explained Using Minions

Callbacks. Asynchronous. Non-blocking. These JavaScript concepts are making you tear your hair out. I was there too at one point. I needed an analogy to make these abstract concepts become easy enough that I could teach them to someone else (and prove that I truly understood them myself). Sure, there were a few good tutorials…… Continue reading JavaScript Callbacks Explained Using Minions